Today’s Square Dance

It’s not what you think.

Today’s Square Dance is a little like football, except without the concussions. You’ve got formations. You’ve got a team around you. You’ve got plays sent in by the caller, the dance coach and leader. The challenge is: can you and your team run the route successfully?

Now granted, the team is coed, but that’s a positive feature. The team is made up of couples and singles—no partner required! You’re working together with seven other people and when you and your team nail the outcome, it’s really quite exhilarating!

Today’s square dancing does not involve frilly petticoats, cowboy outfits and old fashioned music. We wear what we like and dance to everything from the Beatles to modern country to pop favorites. It’s not even dancing. It’s just walking to music, no fancy footwork!

All that is necessary is the ability to sustain a fast walking pace and a positive attitude. A quick mind and the love of a good puzzle can also help!

If you enjoyed geometry in high school, you’ll get a kick out of this stuff.

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